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Weekend Recap & a New Yarn Boutique

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It’s hard to believe that today is already Wednesday. It is by far our least favorite day of the week, it’s a shortened school day (every Wednesday) so I have less time to get tasks accomplished. Then, I race around to the various schools, pick the kids up, nag them to get their homework done, then race them off to guitar and piano. With all their homework, they’ve spent way less time on their music studies– and it shows 🙁 By the time we’re done with all that (and supper stuck in there somewhere), it’s off to bed to begin again the next day. It makes me crabby and I just can’t get used to this sort of lifestyle. So, having had a weekend away helped us to rejuvenate for this crazy week we’re now in. We spent a few days in the Cities with my husband parents, lounging around, shopping, eating good food and enjoying good wine!

One of our first big city stops was at Ikea. It’s just so fun walking around the gigantic store, getting ideas and buying odd little items. We stocked up on candles, lignonberry jam, pickled herring and some sort of crab in a tube. When in Norway, I discovered that many wonderful culinary delights actually come out of a tube. Weird, I know! Our main reason for the Ikea stop was to look for a bookcase. We found the Kallax shelving unit system to be the right price and right size but of course there was no fitting it in the truck with all our luggage and kids, so we’ll have to head back to the Cities without kids in the near future.

ikea one

Our next stop was at Half-Price Books. I had quite a list and was able to find everything on it except Catching Fire by Susanne Collins. I did find a few books that were not on my list and I couldn’t leave without them. It’s a great store if you are a book person-

We also spent a good chunk of the morning at a new store called Total Wine. It was so fun to see wine from every region of the universe at prices that were pretty unbelievable. The town we live in has what we call a “Vin Minopolie” (based on our experience in Norge) which also seems to mean that prices and selection leave a bit to be desired.

And our last (and best) stop was to a cute little yarn boutique. The staff was absolutely wonderful, so friendly and so helpful. I usually seize up when presented with so many wooly options but I was able to make a decision before the next Ice Age and I think it was a good one. There was a table full of the most beautiful yarn in the most amazing shades. The yarn, made from 48% Rqyon made from Bamboo, 44% Wool and 8% Acrylic hails from Turkey. They had a few knit samples, so using the samples as my guide, I’m pairing the Bamboo Bloom with an Italian Camel-Hair skein.

yarn one

yarn two

yarn three

I bought a crazy pink Bamboo for my daughter which prompted oohs and aahs from her!

yarn four

The lady in charge (owner or not, I’m not sure), who was lovely, wrote down an infinity scarf (on display in the store) patterns using this yarn and here it is:

For the small Infinity Scarf:

1 Skein of Bamboo Bloom
1 set of circular needles about size 11

CO 75 stitches, join in the round. (My needles are just a little too long so joining in the round has not been without its challenges)
Knit, purl the poofs.
The End!

For the longer Infinity Scarf:

1 Skein of Bamboo Bloom
1 Skein of Grignasco Knits Camel Hair or something similar to 110 yds. 50g.

CO 140 stitches
Knit 3 rows of Bamboo Bloom
Knit 3 rows Camel Hair
Repeat 7 times.
End with 3 rows of Bamboo Bloom.
The End!

yarn five

As you can see, this looks like a jumbled mess and it actually kind of is with my current needles. But, you can see that I’m knitting and then purling the poofs. If I hadn’t seen the sample in the shop, I’d be dubious, but it really does come out cute in the end. It’s nice and easy. A good project for the car or when you’re watching TV.

Of course now I am presented with the notion of buying the Addi Turbo Lace Interchangeable Circular needle set as I don’t have quite the right size circulars for these projects. I’ve been toying with it for a long time but just can’t make myself spend the money. In the end it would be cheaper than buying individual needle sets and I’d be money ahead! So, I guess I’ll just stare at the skeins for a while longer while I ponder that purchase!

Happy Knitting and have a great week!