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Unnecessary Words

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I’ve been pondering for about a week whether or not to write this blog post, but the topic just won’t leave my head, so I guess it just needs to come out. There are certain times in the winter when the cold temperature keeps the kids indoors and after a while, I have to resort to media to keep my sanity. My 4 yr. old daughter enjoys the sesame street website, and I occasionally let her on the laptop to play games on their site. It is an attractive website easily navigable by children. I really liked it as did she. Unfortunately, the other day, this was on the main slider on the home page:

[frame align=”left”]sesame street[/frame]

I know the word HATE gets thrown around pretty casually today but it really seemed pretty heavy handed for a toddler’s website. It is a strong, strong word (that makes me cringe when I hear it) that seems to be very out of place on this happy colorful space. Maybe many of my readers will think I’m totally hyper-sensitive on this topic, but my first gut reaction to something is generally pretty accurate and my gut was immediately appalled. I tried to watch the video about why baby bear so strongly dislikes wee tee ball and got about half way through the clip. Our super slow ‘high speed’ internet made it just too painful as did baby bear’s inability to correctly pronounce his letters, which is another issue I have with the sesame street franchise, but that is a topic for another day.

Luckily, my daughter is not yet reading, so she had no idea what it said and had she watched what I watched, she would’ve lost interest in the story pretty quickly and moved on to something else. Still, I feel pretty wary about sesame street at this point and I think we’ll find other things to do during this endless cold spell-