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Top Ten Movie List

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Another day in Paradise here on the prairie. Ok, so that is a gross exaggeration! We seem be having a slight reprieve from the cold, but it was replaced with a wicked wind, so I don’t feel that we’re much better off than we were yesterday.

Last week was total chaos (but GOOD chaos) around our house with colds, Gold Cup Music Festival, piano lessons, company and a birthday. We decided we’d let our son (who turned 11) pick a movie as part of his present and he chose the new Lego movie (of course). I had really wanted to go to Frozen as I’ve heard very good things about it, but wanted to spend the day with the rest of the family, so I went to Lego as well. I was pleasantly surprised to find I really enjoyed the film. It REALLY was well done. Then, to add to the birthday boy’s wishes, we bought him a coding book for making apps for iOS and Mac OS X. He has been reading it from cover to cover and typing away coding examples every spare moment he can find. In fact it was the first thing he did this morning after rolling out of bed. I’m hoping to keep up with him; unfortunately, my brain just does not process as quickly as his and I’m finding I’m already left behind. Guess I know what I’ll be doing late at night and early in the morning for the rest of the winter!

Anyway, motivated by our fun movie experience at the LEGO Movie, I decided to make a quick list of some of our favorites. They are a bit on the ‘young’ side and maybe a bit girly, but you might find some useful information in my list (just be sure to add LEGO to your Netflix queue as well):

1. The Secret Garden. I love this sweet movie. I actually first saw it on a date with my husband about 19 years ago! Of course it is based on a book by Frances Hodgson Burnett who also wrote The Little Princess. If you are lucky enough to find the DVD containing both movies, buy it. Look for The Secret Garden version with Maggie Smith.

secret garden

2. The Adventures of Tin Tin. This choice is in a totally different vein than my previous pick as you have to remember I have 3 boys (and one Big Boy) in this house. It’s action and adventure, great characters and a clever treasure hunt style story. Apparently there is a sequel in the works. We are looking forward to it!

tin tin

3. Tangled. This is a great movie that our entire family enjoys watching. It’s a cute story based on the Rapunzel theme with amazing music. We keep expecting this to become a Broadway musical. Really the music is THAT great.


4. Alice in Wonderland. (1951 version) What a fantastic, classic, and timeless movie. The music is so fun, the little girl so sweet and the characters wonderful. I could watch this over and over again. I do not however, enjoy the new Johnny Depp version. Tim Burton’s brand of fun entertainment is not the same as mine.


5. Winnie the Pooh. (1977 version) This is along the same lines as Alice in Wonderland, sweet and classic. Luckily my daughter is really into this movie right now and it’s instant on Netflix. Every night I have to tell her a Pooh and Tigger story (they go to the dentist, they go shopping, etc.) The movie has great music too, I like the Hefalump song in particular.


6. The Adventures of Milo and Otis. I’m not sure where we got this movie, but it somehow managed to join our odd DVD collection and I like it. It is a story about a cat and a dog that accidentally float away from their farm and the adventures they experience on the long journey home. The movie is narrated by Dudley Moore whose voice is very nice as the cat and dog combo. Some of the scenes will have you a bit shocked as the poor cat is really put through the ringer when it encounters a snake and a bear. Yikes, I felt bad for that little kitty. It’s not the most thrilling movie nor does it have amazing animation (it has no animation) and all that jazz that gets your attention, but it is a cute movie, worthy of a rainy or snowy evening.

milo and otis

7. Mary Poppins. Well, who could not love Mary Poppins? The music, the genius performance of ‘Bert’ (Dick Van Dyke), David Tomlinson as Mr. Banks and the amazing Julie Andrews. I hope they never remake this movie as the cast is just so superb.

mary poppins

8. Nemo and Toy Story. These two movies are cute and very well done. We’ve all enjoyed watching and re-watching them over the years. You can’t go wrong with Nemo and Toy Story.


toy story

9. Willie Wonka. Again, I’m avoiding the Johnny Depp/Tim Burton remake of this classic. I love the Gene Wilder original and we’ve all loved the books. How true all those little oompa loompa songs are . . .

willie wonka

10. Babe. The kids have all really enjoyed this movie. My parents have it and the boys would watch it at their house repeatedly (that and Thomas the Tank Engine) I don’t think my daughter has seen Babe yet, we’ll have to put that on the to do list for the next time we visit Grandma and Grandpa.


Of course Star Wars and Indiana Jones are pretty popular with the boys as well and I have to admit I enjoy those as well. Indiana Jones can be a bit gory at times so it’s not suitable for little kids. We did enjoy the movie Holes the other night and one of the kids enjoyed that book as well. Have a great week everyone and stay warm!