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A Heavy Metal Mothers’ Day

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This year our Mother’s Day was a bit out of the ordinary. As per usual, someone had to be somewhere, which was not at home, and last Sunday was no exception. My husband got up early and was out the door, heading south for meetings early the next morning. A “Happy Mother’s Day” muttered as he headed into the rainy cold. The kids and I were the next ones out the door, headed to my cousins house about 1.5 hrs. away. We had been planning to get together and work on a project, so we decided that weekend was as good as any. For a few months, my cousin has been texting me interesting pictures of things he’s made out of steel using his new toy, a plasma cutter. I was intrigued and began seeing steel cutting possibilities every time I opened a Pottery Barn catalog. I assembled a stack of ideas and sent them off in the mail and it was determined that I needed to come down for a day of garage metal work. Our hope was that it would be sunny and warm for such activities, but that was not to be. I shivered in the 40 degree garage for most of day one. Day two required less messy and dusty work so we were able to run the garage heater much more, so that, along with a thicker jacket meant I was gratefully warmer. I have quite a few photos to go through, so for now, I’m just going to post one, then once this crazy week is over (piano/guitar recitals, formal dances and an Air Supply concert!!!) I’ll get the rest on the blog-

Have a great week-


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