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Managing Passwords: The Screenshot

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If you are anything like me, you have about a zillion passwords with which to contend. Having a blog means I have even more than should be necessary to live in this crazy, digital world. I’ve struggled to find a good way to tackle the myriad username/password mud puddle and have finally found a method that works for me. I doubt it is very secure, but luckily I don’t have any terribly important things to protect! I’ve noticed that one password really can’t be used for everything. Some websites require uppercase letters, some numbers, some symbols and some, a crazy combination of all of those, making the one password for all websites impossible. Another challenge to just writing down the passwords in a book like this- Website: Go Daddy, Password: 9675301#jumbledmess** is that you can be directed to the wrong login page for the website. My website host has a home page, but also a cpanel page. Anyone other than me would be so confused that my password would be meaningless and many times I have to fumble around because I get so confused as well. So, to make sense of all of this, I use the screenshot. I love taking screenshots. There are so many uses for them that I can’t begin to list them all. A screenshot basically takes a photo of your screen. So, I navigate to the correct login page, take a screenshot, then print the page and file it away for safe keeping. Here’s my pinterest screenshot:

[frame align=”center”]screenshot[/frame]

I simply just write in my password in pencil. Pinterest isn’t the best example because I always seem to be logged in (totally incomprehensible, I know!), but it is a great system for all my login pages. I then print off all the pages and file away in a safe place. Hopefully if my family ever has to dismantle my online life they can now do it without trouble.

How to Take a Screenshot:

On my MacBook Pro: I take a screenshot by pressing: command, shift, three, all at the same time. The screenshot will be placed on your desktop.

On my iPhone 4, iPods and the iPad: press the home button and top button at the same time. Your shot will go directly to you camera where all your photos reside.

On a PC, well, I haven’t used a PC for so long I don’t know. A quick google search brought up tons of information on the topic and according to those sites: press PrtScn button and it goes to a clipboard. Apparently this button is located on the upper right side of your computer keyboard.

Here are so other great uses of the screenshot:

  • You are having technical issues on your banking website (I speak from experience), take a screen shot of your error message and take it to your local branch. It is so much easier to troubleshoot with an exact copy of the error message.
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  • Email a photo of a webpage you want someone to see whether it be a vacation website, wedding website ideas or FB posts. It is easier than trying to write down a big, long web address and sending it on- hoping that it’s error free.
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  • Take a screenshot of the weather page on your iPhone. Email to your sister so she believes that it is actually -30!
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  • You write an amazing piece of code on your WordPress site and want to use it again on another website or webpage, screenshot your handiwork, print it and file it away!
  • [spacer size=”20″] Anyway, I hope this post helps someone in their day-to-day life. It certainly has helped mine!