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Landscaping MADNESS

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It is well known in our family: I am a nut about my yard. I have been known to walk around my yard after two hours of mowing, with scissors. You know, to get the little spots the rider and the push mower just can’t get- Yes, it was a little over the top, but my farm yard was beautiful and well loved. Here in town, at our new house, the previous owners obviously didn’t share my affinity for yard work.

This house is ringed by landscaping rock but here is the catch- there is dirt, then landscaping fabric, then rock, then YET MORE DIRT followed by scraggly shrubs that grew in places they shouldn’t and were spreading fast. It was hard to know how to proceed so we quite literally dug in and got to business.

After buying several large buckets from Walmart, we drilled holes in the bottom, then we (as in the boys, my husband and me) picked every single dirt-encrusted rock, threw them in the buckets, set them on some pavers and washed them. The old decomposing landscaping fabric was then removed, the pavers were washed and new fabric was laid down. Pavers were replaced and finally, clean rock placed back on top. We were able to finish the front of the house last summer (I’m sure our new neighbors thought we were insane while they watched this major spectacle) and this summer we are trying to finish the other three sides of the house. This summer we have the added obstacle of 6 window wells. Here are some photos to help you imagine this madness.

This bucket is actually quite clean but muddier rocks were hiding below the surface:



The 6 window wells were all constructed of landscaped timbers. The house was built in ’99 and at some point in the last few years the timbers had begun to disintegrate and sag toward the house. Not a good situation for drainage. There is also a row of evergreens in our back yard which were lined with half buried landscaped pavers, so we re-purposed those for our window wells.



All prepped and ready for the new landscape pavers:


And finally a window well finished. It was quite a long process getting everything level and fitting properly. We also had to add many many inches of dirt along the house as everything had settled quite a bit over the years.


As of today we have two window wells left and gobs of rock to deal with around our deck. Our two older kids have jobs so our workforce has taken a serious hit! Our goal is to get this whole crazy project finished by fall- we’ll see how it goes!


Wish us luck- m.