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I AM still alive!

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I AM still alive! Oh my goodness how time has flown by this winter and spring! I APOLOGIZE to my faithful readers for my absence. I really have been stuck in a rut with so many things SO out of my control. It’s hard to do anything but the essentials when you have so much swirling around in your life. For starters, we are leaving, moving, packing up and going south (but only a little ways, I think technically, I’ll still be on the Northern Plains). The job, the job negotiations and all the other junk associated with uprooting your life has been a bit stressful. Too many unknowns. And when things are unknown, you spend way too much time imagining all the options, possibilities, twists and turns. I swear, our life is like a complicated flow chart. Unfortunately, there is no clear ending point.

We spent Wednesday through the weekend visiting my husband’s new employer, looking at houses and visiting schools. All went well except the looking at houses part. Lack of affordable housing, lack of habitable housing will be an ongoing challenge for us or anyone else moving to that city. Our farm is not yet sold so we can’t do anything anyway which, in the end, is a relief. The thought of leaving our farm with it’s Restoration Hardware vanity, lovely porcelain tub, my non-smelly carpet, my beautiful Marvin Windows, my ten acres of quiet and privacy for a $269,000 house that hasn’t been updated or touched in 25 years, smack dab next to the neighbors house, is downright depressing. Sigh. Anyway, a few of my fears have been alleviated with the trip, and a few less unknowns in the book certainly helps (which is maybe why I feel like blogging again).

And with that, I want to share my supper from last night; a simple turkey sandwich with a fabulous sauce. I don’t have any photos since I didn’t feel like blogging yesterday, but here’s the jist of it:

Broiled bun (a panini maker and sourdough bread would’ve made this even better, aka amazing!)
sliced deli turkey
crispy bacon
provolone (or really any cheese would work)
and the pièce dè résistance was cranberry aioli!

Cranberry aioli consists of equal parts cranberry sauce and mayo, then add 1 tsp dijon mustard and 1/2 tsp orange juice. I had a bag of real cranberries, so I cooked half the bag according to the package directions, then added the rest of the ingredients. It was so fantastic. Unfortunately, no one else in the entire family would go near it. Granted, it looked a bit strange putting a pink, chunky sauce on a turkey sandwich, but one has to have faith in the kitchen. The sweet of the cranberries and the salty of the bacon was just perfection. Trust me. It was.

Enjoy and have a great week!