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Favorites: The HANDy Paint Holder

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As with any new (or new to you) house, painting is generally required before one feels like it is truly his or her own home. Our house has been no exception. Some of the rooms were still sporting the original white paint from 1999 and other rooms had been hastily painted with one coat only where two coats were clearly needed. In a few spots I’ve even found where one of the previous homeowners did not even bother to remove the outlet covers before slopping on the paint. As you can imagine, surprises seem to be around ever corner in this house (and don’t even get me started on the light fixtures!). Even so, it’s still a good house that serves us well and hopefully by Christmas (my goal to complete all the painting), it will feel much more like home. Having the right tools for the quantity of painting that I am doing is pretty much an essential; it really makes life so much easier. My father-in-law must have suspected that my life was going to revolve around gallons and gallons of Benjamin Moore so he gave me this cool ‘HANDy’ painting cup. Usually I make do with an old cottage cheese container, carefully balancing my paintbrush on the rim whenever I have to move my ladder. It is precarious and usually leads to swearing and messes– so I happily accepted his offer of the HANDy cup!

handy cup one

handy cup two

The HANDy cup has become my new best painting assistant. I think the very best part is the magnetic square that holds your paintbrush. It’s such a simple little addition but it really makes the painting cup highly functional. I like how it holds the brush bristles down and yet keeps the bristles out of the paint. The cup has yet to tip over and it cleans easily with water.

handy cup three

handy cup four

handy cup five

Since I was given my HANDy cup, I’ve noticed them at various home improvement stores. And, in case your wondering, the paint in my HANDy cup is Nimbus by Benjamin Moore– my new favorite color!

*FYI: I am in no way affiliated with HANDy cup nor do I receive any compensation for reviewing their product.

Happy Home Improvement and have a great week!