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Favorites: Hipstamatic

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[heading style=”2″]App Favorites: Hipstamatic[/heading]

With all the new technology right at our fingertips, I find it a bit overwhelming trying to take advantage of and use all that is available in the way of apps, camera devices, maps etc. There are just so many crazy things you can do with your iPad, iPhone and laptop and discovering all those capabilities is nearly impossible. To keep up with the latest, I generally read Gadgetwise on the New York Times (online) to learn about new apps, cameras, computers, and whatnot. I’m not sure if that is where I first read about the app Hipstamatic, but I would guess it was.

What Hipstamatic is is best defined on their app store page: “Digital photography never looked so analog. Make and share beautiful photography with Hipstamatic. Swap lenses, flashes, and films for hundreds of different effects . . .” Basically, it lets people with no photography skills, such as myself, take really cool photos! Check it out:

[frame align=”center”]hipstamatic_frontYour iPhone screen gets turned into this when you select the app.[/frame] [frame align=”center”]hipstamatic_backYou can flip the image of the camera to the back.[/frame] [frame align=”center”]flashYou can get all fancy-shmancy with different flashes-[/frame] [frame align=”center”]filmSame with film. You can buy all sort of ‘HipstaPaks’ for different effects.[/frame]

So of course, you can mix and match all sorts of options, and when you get a shot you really like you can mark it as ‘favorite’ to save the combination. That way, you can easily get the same look again. I think it took a tutorial session with my 10 yr old before I had this all figured out. Something I haven’t tried has been to purchase prints that I have taken. One of these days, I will give that a try. I always take photos on the highest quality setting so if I do order there is a better chance the images will turn out clearer. Check out some of my favorite shots taken with Hipstamatic (click on an image for the larger version then hover with your cursor over the words “Hipstamatic Details” to get a Next button)-

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