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Favorite: Connectagons

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We have noticed that as the kids get older it seems to be more difficult to choose Christmas gifts for them. Luckily, Legos have been insanely popular over the years and still continue to be, but to a lesser extent. We have always loved Legos as it spurs their creativity, increases their fine motor skills and their ability to follow directions (if they are building from a set) and that Legos are not made in China therefore ranking high for safety (i.e. no lead in the paint etc). My parents love getting the boys toys they’ve been dreaming about and have been known to purchase Lego sets in the middle of summer, stashing the gift away until blustery December if the boys have indicated how awesome and hard to find the set is. They always seem to know what their latest toy/gadget/hobby obsession is and indulge them thoroughly!

This year, my #3 son was looking through a catalog and remarked about how cool Connectagons looked. We were dubious as they looked like they could be little plastic junky things, but I passed the information along to my mom as he really had his heart set on them (and we had our Lego purchases already planned out). So, Christmas morning he unwrapped his Connectagons and tried them out. We found them to NOT be junky and NOT to be plastic. Three of the four kids have been building with the pieces and have been having a really good time. I even got in on the construction and built space age looking thing as well. They arrived neatly placed and very snug in sturdy box. We ended up storing them in a gallon sized baggie as it would’ve taken the patience of a Saint to get them back the way they were in the box. I think my mom bought them online at Hearthsong. They have been especially nice to have around the house as we’ve been experiencing the ‘polar vortex’ up here on the northern plains (that seems a little overly dramatic, weather people). Anyway, here are some of the creations we made the other day:

[frame align=”center”]connectagons_two[/frame] [frame align=”center”]connectagons_three[/frame]

Before the weather starts to warm up tomorrow, I fully expect to see some gigantic creation using ALL the pieces. The set has kept my son content and has kept the peace in a house where’s there’s been a bit too much togetherness lately! Even though S. is 10 (nearly 11), he has found the toy to be very fun, but my daughter who just turned 4 really likes them too. I think we’ll be playing with Connectagons for many years to come!