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Enjoying the Nelson County Barn Quilt Trail

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[frame align=”center”]barn_oneBeatiful barn quilt very near our farm[/frame]

A stunning summer day last week, my husband, two of the kids and I decided to go on the Nelson County Barn Quilt Trail. A relatively new phenomenon in our area, it is catching on and is a great way to promote ‘agri-tourism’. According to the quilt trail founding ladies, local businesses on the trail have seen an uptick in sales and we were no exception. We stopped in at a local merchant’s business as well. We only completed half of the tour as we were running out of time until we had to pick up our other two children, and here is a sampling of a few quilts along the trail. Hopefully, we’ll catch the remainder of the quilts later this fall. Generally, the quilts and the designs had some sort of significance or story to the owner. All quilts on the trail are either 4X4 feet or 8X8 feet, painted on MDO (medium density overlay). Of course, we ended the excursion with a little picnic up at Whitman Dam.

[frame align=”center”]yellow_green_motionThis quilt is called Yellow and Green in Motion and is at the JD Dealership[/frame] [frame align=”center”]schoolhouse_quiltA cute 4X4 quilt. Not all quilts are on barns which is fun as you see them in unexpected places![/frame] [frame align=”center”]swiss_quiltThis family farm has a Swiss history (I can’t remember the details) and have incorporated the flag into their design.[/frame] [frame align=”center”]purple_starThis large 8X8 quilt is illuminated. I may have to take a drive up north one evening to see the quilt lit up. Very good idea![/frame] [frame align=”center”]purple_star_verticalAnother shot of the purple star. I love the great summer colors: green grass, blue sky, white cloulds, gray quonset, brown gravel . . .[/frame] [frame align=”center”]whitman_starLove the bright colors on this quilt. It is located in the town of Whitman, ND, population 2![/frame]

You may enjoy a little story about Whitman in the Huffington Post 🙂

[frame align=”center”]whitam_damOur day ended with a picnic at Whitman Dam. No fish were caught, but hot dogs, pudding and fresh cucumbers were thoroughly enjoyed![/frame] [frame align=”center”]picnic_twoMmmm, good![/frame] [frame align=”center”]purple_daisyIn addition to the beautiful quilts, you will see lots of wonderful wild prairie flowers and stunning nature.[/frame]

As you can imagine, I’m already planning out what our barn quilt will look like! We are planning to paint a 4X4 quilt in September and hang it on our little granary . . . I’ll keep you posted on that!

Places on the trail to note that you’d really enjoy:

Heritage Arts Gallery- Michigan
Nettiques- Petersburg
Elaine’s House of Dreams- Lakota
Stump Lake Historical Village- Rural Lakota (I especially liked the quilt at the village, but a photographer was taking wedding photos and I didn’t want to get in the way, so you’ll just have to take a drive and see it for yourself!)

The three business listed above contain wonderful treasures (aka Treasures on Hwy 2), art, food and friendly people. If you are looking for more standard fare, Michigan and Lakota have wonderful grocery stores, clean gas stations, bars and restaurants. Maps can be picked up at the three locations, or if you are like us, just print it off the internet! I encourage you to check out the Nelson County Barn Quilt Trail, it is growing and a great way to discover parts of your county you’ve never before seen!

For more information: Check out the Michigan, ND website which is also where you can print off a PDF of the map.

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  1. Linda

    Do you know if people are painting their own or is there someone in the area who does it? A few years ago, we stopped at a farm in Iowa where the man made barn quilts and we were very close to ordering one, since we didn’t have the time or inclination to make it ourselves.

    There’s one near us now, so I’m itchy again to get one made!

  2. Missy

    I think most people are painting their own. The ladies up in Michigan have been giving talks about how to make your own but I do think some ladies are painting them for other people. The contact person seems to be Sylvia Daws and/or Maria Vasiceck (I can’t spell that!) I can send you the directions they gave out about painting them if you’d like- just let me know! Missy.

  3. Sylvia

    And the Nelson County Quilt Trail is always open! Ready for passerby’s to enjoy on their own schedule!
    It’s a beautiful time of year for a drive as the fields are approachig the fall harvest.

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