the house projects continue . . .

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It’s been crazy busy at our household this fall. Its like we’re cramming in school activities, socializing, medical visits and house updates all in one! It keeps our life interesting and the days certainly seem to fly by. We’re finally … Read More

Landscaping MADNESS

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It is well known in our family: I am a nut about my yard. I have been known to walk around my yard after two hours of mowing, with scissors. You know, to get the little spots the rider and … Read More

I AM still alive!

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I AM still alive! Oh my goodness how time has flown by this winter and spring! I APOLOGIZE to my faithful readers for my absence. I really have been stuck in a rut with so many things SO out of … Read More

The Ultimate Recycling Project

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Now that the granary project is nearly done (yes, it really is STILL not complete! Think landscaping, landscaping, landscaping), I thought it would be fun to do some before and after photos, especially since my original blog has been lost … Read More

A New Deck For the Little Granary

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We’ve had some stunning weather up on the plains and my husband has had some time off from the office, so we’ve been putting those minutes to good use and built a deck on the new granary. This project has … Read More