From Prototype to Product

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PART ONE: When you live in a household with an Entrepreneurship Professor/Entrepreneur, everyone just sort of gravitates toward that mindset, as if by osmosis. Even the children. From a very early age, the boys would draw all sorts of pictures, … Read More

A New Sort of Life

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Well, this is the blog post I’ve been putting off all summer. It’s been easy, I’ve been toiling away at a new house (that was built in the 90s), doing extreme landscaping of sorts, getting the kids ready for the … Read More

I AM still alive!

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I AM still alive! Oh my goodness how time has flown by this winter and spring! I APOLOGIZE to my faithful readers for my absence. I really have been stuck in a rut with so many things SO out of … Read More

Top Ten Movie List

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Another day in Paradise here on the prairie. Ok, so that is a gross exaggeration! We seem be having a slight reprieve from the cold, but it was replaced with a wicked wind, so I don’t feel that we’re much … Read More

Unnecessary Words

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I’ve been pondering for about a week whether or not to write this blog post, but the topic just won’t leave my head, so I guess it just needs to come out. There are certain times in the winter when … Read More