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A New Sort of Life

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Well, this is the blog post I’ve been putting off all summer. It’s been easy, I’ve been toiling away at a new house (that was built in the 90s), doing extreme landscaping of sorts, getting the kids ready for the public school system, and getting acclimated to a new community. Opening my Northern Plain Living webpage did exactly what I expected and what I’ve been hoping to avoid . . it made me want to go home– like immediately. As some of my readers may know, this spring my husband was offered a new position that his old employer couldn’t match. We felt as though we really had no choice but take the leap and move on. At that point, everything moved at a lightning pace and I found myself having 17 days to pack up my 10 acres and move. Meanwhile, my husband was finishing up his education which was a huge stress for him and for the family. We had a difficult time finding time to look for a house and because of the short moving time frame ended up buying a house we had never been in. Luckily, my parents drove down and looked at the place about a week before we closed so that I didn’t lose my sanity. I would not recommend ever buying a house in this manner!!! At any rate, we packed up a huge U Haul (which was not drama free either I might add) and parked it at a friend’s house. And, at that point, we were homeless. We ended up in the Twin Cities for about a week waiting to close on our new house, then we retrieved the U Haul and headed south. The rest of the summer we seemed to be going somewhere about every 4 days. No exaggeration. It really was that hectic. The days we were able to be at our new house were spent finding and fixing myriad problems, unpacking and trying to figure out which end was up, and, the kids had strep throat for weeks on end. It was not pleasant or enjoyable. I spent a lot of time being angry, unhappy, and questioning our decision to leave. I can’t say I’m still not angry, unhappy, or questioning our decision to leave, it’s just to a lesser degree. Luckily, the neighborhood we happened to move into contains some of the nicest people I have ever met which has really made things so much better for us. I don’t know what I’d do without my new neighbor PC, she (and her family) really truly has made a difference in our ability to adjust to life here.

So, now that we have that pity party out of the way, I must say I’m not sure how the blog will evolve with my new surroundings. I’m certainly not moving buildings, sheet rocking or raising a flock of chickens anymore. I do have a few new ideas rolling around in my head and now that we are getting into a ‘routine’, maybe I can devote more time to where I see the blog heading. I hope you’ll all stay with me and I promise to not be such a stranger from here on out!