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A New Deck For the Little Granary

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We’ve had some stunning weather up on the plains and my husband has had some time off from the office, so we’ve been putting those minutes to good use and built a deck on the new granary. This project has been planned for some time, but until my cousin (CS) and my husband rehabbed an old trailer, we didn’t have a way to haul all of this:

[frame align=”center”]lumber_blogLumber, lumber and more lumber[/frame]

All that lumber turned into a 4 day project and luckily my 15 yr. old had all those days off from his job, so this was how he (or maybe I should say ‘we’) occupied his time:

[frame align=”center”]post_hole_two_blog12 post holes, ugh![/frame]

As with any post hole digging project, you run into troubles and this project was no different. Luckily, I was in GF for the day (by myself- how I managed that I’ll never know!), and my husband and S. ran into a lot of rocks. I think one of the post holes took them 45 minutes to dig out. I’m so glad I wasn’t there for that!

[frame align=”center”]reaching_for_rocks_blogTrying to get a rock out of the hole- long arms are helpful![/frame]

So, by the end of day one, they were exhausted but happy with their progress.

[frame align=”center”]post_holes_blog[/frame]

When I was looking through all my photos of the project, I found the photo below. My ten yr. old had my camera for a while and came up with this shot. I liked it and you can see the progress through this 125 yr. old evergreen that provides the east side of the deck with wonderful morning shade.

[frame align=”center”]deck_through_treesGlimpse of our progress through the trees[/frame]

No post hole deck type of project would be complete without bags and bags of quickcrete. It’s great stuff and works very well. Again, it was great having S. my 15 yr. old. He lugged all those 60 lb. bags around where they were needed while my husband and I stirred them up with water, dumped a bunch in a post hole and tamped it in. Mix, dump, tamp, repeat- 12 times!

[frame align=”center”]quickcreteBags and bags of Quickcrete were needed[/frame]

One of my main jobs for this project was attaching the floor joists. My son and I worked on this while my husband cut and measured all the pieces we needed. It really was an awful job and I can tell you, I am no carpenter. By the end, we were finally getting better at our assigned tasks and things were clicking along nicely despite the intense heat and relentless sun.

[frame align=”center”]missy_hammerInstalling the floor joists[/frame]

The next part of the deck project was much more fun, although I am still feeling the effects of it in my shoulder! We had to screw on the deck boards. There must be 214,987 screws in that deck and I swear I can feel every single one of them in my right shoulder and neck! Luckily we had two drills going at the same time so between the three of us things went pretty quickly.

[frame align=”center”]deck_boardsThe fun part[/frame]

As it started to cool off, the other kids came out and joined us-

[frame align=”center”]little_missHmmm, someone had been into the chocolate while mommy was working on the deck![/frame] [frame align=”center”]almost_doneBeautiful evening shade[/frame] [frame align=”center”]morning_coffeeEnjoying the fruits of his labor with a little morning coffee[/frame]

Thankfully, we finished up the project (mostly) yesterday. My husband still has to put some steps in the front and we have a pile of rock that we’ll put around it in some way shape or form-

And to celebrate a lot of hard work and a beautiful evening, we invited some friends over for Asian-inspired food and drinks-

[frame align=”center”]ready_for_friendsEnjoying the deck with our friends-[/frame]

I hope everyone is having a great week and enjoying this stunning weather- Missy.

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