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A few sure signs of Spring

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Today is the first day in quite a while with no low hanging clouds, drizzly rain and gale force winds. Finally, some sun and little bit of warmth. I got home last night from the kids’ chess group and had to run my hands under hot water just to get warm.

I started my morning making a fruit salad for a funeral and must say I’m a bit worried about the taste. I’ve never made a fruit salad quite like it; I got the recipe out of my local Lutheran church cookbook and since it’s for a funeral in a Lutheran church, I’m hoping this is a recognizable dish to many. After finishing that, I got my camera and headed outside to check on nature’s status. I was relieved to see, that yes, spring is actually here! Below are photos of the early risers from my flower garden and vegetable garden-


The hen and chicks were a gift from a friend’s mother. They are the first thing to pop up in the spring and the last thing to die back in the fall. They love the south side of my house nestled amongst the rock.


I have Autumn Joy sedum sitting in front of the hen and chicks. I only had two plants but was able to propagate a third plant easily. In fact, the propagated plant is the nicest of the three.


One of my garden favorites! This little plant will turn into a stunning, large poppy plant. It will have tons of bright red blooms and be so very beautiful. It sits very near my grandma’s peony which hasn’t popped up yet. I hope it survived the long winter-

mini stell

These will eventually become beautiful mini day lillies. The blooms will be an orangey-yellow.


Rhubarb seems to be a farmyard staple on the northern plains. We planted this a few years ago as the original rhubarb plants were in the wrong place. This plant becomes gigantic!!


You can barely see it, but it’s there! The asparagus has just started to pop through the ground. Raw asparagus from the garden is amazing (thank you mom for introducing us to that idea!)

deer tracks

A lastly, there were many deer tracks crossing the driveway this morning. I’m not sure where the dog was when this was happening as I didn’t hear any barking last night. This is the exact reason I have a 6ft fence around my garden!

Have a great weekend everyone! I’m going to be making something fun with my cousin, hopefully I’ll have pictures to share next week-