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A Chilly Weekend Needs a Warm Drink

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Last weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to pick my sister up at the airport and drive us to my parent’s new home in a city about 3 hours from my farm. Neither my sister or I had been to the new house and we left all the children home with their fathers so it was quite a treat for us. After thinking about it, we determined that just the four of us hadn’t been together for 19 YEARS!

We had originally planned on helping paint the living room or kitchen or wherever needed doing, but as I had suspected nearly everything was already done, so instead we sat in the basement and went through large boxes of grandma’s and great-grandma’s china and trunks of old photos and memorabilia, linens, high school year books and old Luther League notes. It was much more enjoyable than painting! The day was rainy and really dreary but no one noticed as we were all pretty absorbed in our trip down memory lane.

I started the day with Starbucks K-Cups as my parents have a Keurig coffee maker, but after the third cup, my stomach could take no more. By two in the afternoon, I wanted something to warm me up but more coffee seemed like a very bad idea so I tasted my sister’s cup of tea. She and mom drink something called PG Tips. I had never heard of such a thing, but tea was just what I needed so I gave it a try. It was fabulous and I quickly finished off my sister’s cup. My mom had been buying PG Tips in their previous community so I was pretty sure I could find a box on my way home through the “big city” of Fargo.

PG Tips were happened upon by my globe trotting brother-in-law (my sister’s husband) on one of his many trips to London. Knowing his wife’s stomach struggled with coffee, he brought home PG Tips as this is what people in London drink for everyday occasions. Mom went out for a visit to my sister’s house and was hooked. Surprisingly, she was able to find the English imported tea at her local grocery store. And now, I share with you this happy tea time find:

[frame align=”center”]pg_tipsPG Tips[/frame]

My mom actually puts the tea bag in her Keurig coffee ground holder which turns out a wonderfully hot, perfect strength tea. I, who only have a French Press, have to make it the old fashioned way, with a kettle. But it’s worth it. Now if you’ll excuse me while I go have my tea 🙂

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