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1 Year On and Looking for a Little Privacy

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It has been about a year since our move to suburbia and we’ve been trying hard to acclimate to our new and very different lifestyle. We had a hectic 12 months with a list of projects a mile long, many of which have been crossed off the list with about half yet to be tackled. One of our many issues related to living with neighbors has been windows and privacy. Our house seems to have a thousand windows which all need some sort of covering. We have a gorgeous and well utilized walking path behind our house as well so we’ve made window coverings priority number one.

Our front door is flanked by two sidelights and covering them has had us stumped the entire year. The side lights afforded a clear view of our living room- especially in the evening when the lamps were on and it was dark outside. We went back and forth trying to decide what to do and tried several ideas before finding our current (and final solution) and here it is:

Solyx, a decorative film. We were dubious, but for about $50, we were willing to give it a try. We chose a film in the clearance section of their website as it can be a bit spendy otherwise. The roll of film arrived quickly in a sturdy box with an installation kit (which we did not expect) so you are all ready to go once it shows up.

As you can see, we needed to do something for a bit of privacy:


I didn’t think to take a photo of the roll, but it is just a roll of translucent vinyl film embossed with a pattern. Our roll was 12″ wide by 49′ long, which can be found here. The film has a plastic backing which is easily removed using two pieces of tape (one on each side). You simply pull the tape apart and the backing peels away. The film is then quite sticky and it is important not to let it stick to itself.



Once the backing is off, you lightly spray the sticky side of the film with water. We learned the hard way to spray it lightly. Too much water on the backing made it a bit more difficult to get all the bubbles removed. As you can see, it is helpful to have a tall sidekick!


Slowly bringing it over to the sidelights . . .


Carefully start adhering it to the surface. My husband worked from the top left side down, keeping it straight as he went. You could pull it up and reposition it if you happened to get off a bit. It really went a lot better than we expected. Once you have to on straight, you can begin to squeegee the water out from under the film. This is pretty exciting as you can start to get a feel for how it will look in the end- which is etched glass.



Once you have the edges really nice and crisp and straight, you can start to trim the excess with the super sharp blade that accompanied the film. Carefully remove the extra- it is sticky so be gentle as it will likely cling to everything in its path.



And I have privacy!


My photos don’t quite do it justice, it really turned out nicely and does not resemble vinyl at all. It looks just like beautiful etched glass when you walk up to our front door!

Have a great week- Missy.